Raquetada family 19 March

As we are announcing, This 2017 We are in celebration as is the
30th anniversary of Camping el Solsones!

In full season of winter and thanks to the abundant snowfall that have had, This year is still fantastic for hiking in the snow. If that…Here we go!

What you propose??

On Sunday 19 March enjoy nature and the snow with a fantastic excursión con raquetas de nieve en la preciosa estación de esquí nórdico Tuixent La Vansa.

cartell snowshoeing


The output will be in private cars from the Campsite el Solsones to the 8:30h.
The home provided of the activity will be to the 10h station Nordic ski Tuixent La Vansa. Allí empezaremos la excursión familiar durante aproximada de 3h.

The excursion rates are as follows:

Excursión con forfait: 7€

Excursión con forfait y alquiler de material: 15€
Price for adults and children.

  • The amount will be charged at the beginning of the morning in the meeting point in the Camping el Solsones.
  • We recommend you bring warm clothes for a day in the snow and boots or shoes
  • Breakfast or something to eat to media tomorrow, above all for the most small.
  • Young children who do not have boots or shoes for the snow, may take them together with the material of rental of form free.

We wait for you!!

Reservations via email at info@campingsolsones.com or by phone 973482861, indicating the number of adults and children in each family.