Solsona – Parque Mare de la Font – Castellvell

Family hikes, very shaded where experience trails photo, especially in spring and autumn, and you can see panoramic views of the town of Solsona and the environment. The usual starting point is from Solsona, although it can be done from the same touring Camping 2,5 km of more following the path of the banks. Once in the park you will find the source (Mare de la Font) with a playground and picnic in the form of typical mushrooms in the area and also a restaurant. To follow the path, but go to the metallic tunnel address Font de la Mina where you discover the botanical itinerary with the main species of the regional plant. You will find upstairs with sports circuit Mine. Instead of going down the road, you will go in the opposite direction and you enter a sniper trail up the mountainside until you get to the Castellvell. For the descent, you simply have to follow a paved road that will take stairs again without loss Solsona.

*Route suitable for walking and biking (except his descent from Castellvell that can be lowered by road)

Technical sheet

Starting point and arrival: Solsona

Distance: 5.2 km

Difficulty: baja

Total ascent: 170m

Track: Wikiloc Thanks to our friend Louis-Xavier