Family tourism

What to do

Eco tourism

Nature activities

We work with Sàmara Natura, a non-profit cooperative project focusing on environmental education and services.

Pyrenees Zoo

Discover the Pyrenees Zoo! They offer various activities for children, families, and adults to increase environmental awareness and promote respectful contact with nature in society.

Cambrils Saltworks

Cambrils Saltworks is an ancient artisanal salt exploitation site where salt is obtained by evaporating saltwater from its sources.

Active tourism

Sport and Adventure

Active tourism, particularly physical activities, has been gaining importance in Solsonès over recent years. Enjoy a different day out going up in a hot air balloon over the Solsonès area, go kayaking, canoeing, canyoning or skiing, or even climbing the tallest trees in an adventure park in the middle of the mountains.