The ecotourism, also known as Green or eco-friendly tourism, emerged about twenty years ago in response to the negative consequences of traditional tourism. Its main attractions of nature and adventure. Involves traveling or visiting natural areas in order to enjoy, appreciate and promote conservation.

The wide range of natural possibilities offered by the region of the Solsones make your visit to our surroundings is of the most complete; vegetation and landscape, fauna, sports in the nature, excursions and guided activities… always with the aim of the preserve and minimize our impact on the environment..

Our eco-tourism initiatives

Camping el Solsonès carries out multiple nature activities for families, to learn about the beauty of the landscape and the biodiversity of Solsonès, and above all to teach children how they can take care of the natural environment.

There are also activities for the care of the environment such as recycling workshops, reusing the materials of our day to day or the construction of feeders and nest boxes for birds and bats. Both pedagogical and fun activities that leave a good memory and lifelong learning for the little ones.

It is a great pleasure to share with you the satisfaction of having since 2001 with the distinctive international of excellence in it management environmental EMAS (Eco-Management Audit Scheme).

Our family opted from the outset by a respect policy and environment protection, which is reflected in the commitment made by the environmental management system of continuous improvement.

EMAS is a voluntary tool available to any organization operating in any economic sector of the European Union or outside the European Union and who wants to:

  • Assume a responsibility environmental and economic
  • Improve your behavior environmental
  • Communicate their results environmental to the society and to the parties interested in general

Currently have with the meritorious Silver Certificate (Silver Recognition) by carrying more than 10 years of management sustainable.

From the year 2014 was implemented Corporate Social responsibility in the Camping El Solsones, asesoramiento thanks to the Consortium for the Development of Central Catalonia, under the project Sustainable Rural Gestió.

To make this system work and the objectives are met, we need awareness and collaboration of all customers. That is why we inform you of actions taken by the camping out for the use of the camper tried to carry out a proper tourist management in line quality and sustainability.


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Environmental policy

Campsite el Solsones makes the following statement of environmental policy, which is applicable to all operations and installations in our camping, and that includes the description of the objectives, priorities and general principles of our company in relation to the environment.

We are committed to developing our activity with the utmost respect and protection of the environment to improve continuously, provided it is within our reach, techniques, environmental practices and performances.

We recognize our responsibilities towards the environment and we set the following objectives:

  • Enforce existing environmental regulations and exceed environmental legislative requirements, whenever possible, in accordance with a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Promote minimization and recovery of waste generated at the campsite with the aim of achieving optimal management as correct as possible.
  • Take appropriate measures to reduce water consumption and energy i waste generation.
  • Involve all stakeholders in tasks related to improving respect for the environment:
    • Information and awareness of workers on good environmental practices.
    • Information to customers about the environmental situation of camping advising on good practice to perform.
    • Information to providers about environmental commitments and requirements resulting from them.
  • Manage communication with customers as an instrument of education and promotion of respect for the environment.
  • Define program goals that enable the organization to work towards continuous improvement of its environmental aspects.
  • Publicize actions and environmental progress acquired.



Environmental Statement

Càmping El Solsonès obtained the EMAS certification in 2001, highest international recognition, that it is validated every year thanks to the environmental work that is carried out as a tourist offer specialized in ecotourism.

We already have the Silver Certificate Award and have more than 20 years of sustainable environmental management.

EMAS registration promotional video

Best Practices for Customers

  1. Saving water and energy. Eat just enough water and do it with common sense in the shower, when washing dishes or clothes, to water the plants or lawn, in sources, etc. Similarly close whenever the lights coming out, to replace a bulb do with low consumption.
  2. Respect them plants and the gardens from the campsite.
  3. To try recycle and reuse materials. Properly use the recycling containers, separating organic waste prior to rejection.
  4. Increase your purchases with homemade products, of the country or ecological. Order in the supermarket these products. Buy in solidarity.
  5. Respect the nature that you surround in your place of rest.
  6. Caution with the fire and not play never with him in the forest.
  7. Help in the search of best practices environmental of management to achieve a level top of quality in the campsite.

Thanks for all.

The head of the Environment and Management.

With a touch of humor… We promote the collection of waste!